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Simplimatic 8140 SMT PCB板装载机行动

这个视频显示了Simplimatic /西门子裸板装载机(BBL)的基本功能。这是载入PCB的一个往下流自动杂志装载机。这是智能机,因为它们在行业标准与沟通对方知道SMEMA接口协议。如果您有需要自动电路装配设备或完整的装配生产线,请访问我们的网站

This video shows the basic function of a Simplimatic / Siemens Bare Board Loader (BBL). It is loading PCB's to a down stream Automatic magazine loader. These are smart machines in that they communicate with each other in the industry standard know as SMEMA interface protocol. If you have need for Automated Circuit assembly equipment or complete assembly lines, please visit our web site.

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