SMT工艺,四个连接主板设置该基地将通过SMT(表面贴装技术“)的机器,生产成品的PCBAs运行(”印刷电路板组件“ )。主板进入没有任何电子元件或芯片集装他们。的机器送入高速的富士机器的电子元件和芯片集上的卷轴,并根据客户要求安装在各种配置的主板。For the SMT process, the base set of four connected motherboards will run through the SMT ("Surface Mount Technology") machines to produce finished PCBAs ("Printed Circuit Board Assemblies"). The motherboards enter the machines without any electronic components or chip-sets mounted on them.

The electronic components and chip-sets are fed into the high-speed FUJI machines on reels, and mounted to the motherboards in various configurations as required by the customer.

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